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Avoid Excess Baggage charges on international holiday

The airlines love to tempt you with cheap air fares, but what happens when you're going on a skiing or golf holiday, or just somewhere where you need to take specialist equipment or a number of personal items? The airlines have limited baggage holds on passenger jets, so to cram more people into the cabin upstairs they need to make sure that their passengers don't take too much.

They do this by charging Excess Baggage fees, and in some cases these can increase the cost of your flight many times over.

You also have the problem of getting your equipment from your house to the airport, and from the airport in your destination country to the place you're staying.

All in all, if you've got a lot of equipment and/or are travelling in a group you could save a lot of money by sending most of your luggage by Coney Express!

Any why stop at just sending your skis? Send your bags too and make your own travel as light-weight as possible for a more enjoyable trip.

All items transported are fully insured. We'll pick them up before you set off an be there when you arrive at your resort.

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